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Cheating Your Way Through Criminal Case


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Why Not Play Minecraft Online?

While it doesn’t happen all the time that you get bored with Minecraft gaming, of building your own world or maybe fighting the monsters at night, you might find it very interesting to join some Minecraft multiplayer servers. These servers are multiplayer gaming experience where in you get to play with other people who are logged in on the same IP address.

Most of the time, these servers are created by users who started to build their empires on a creative mode. In this game mode, the player doesn’t have to worry about anything about their hunger, lives, health and even the monsters that spawns at night, all they have to worry is how to design their world and that’s it.

They make their own Minecraft servers where in they only allow people they know that could help them build the place. It might actually take some time depending on how big it’s going to be. There are also a lot of things that they have to decide on before they can actually launch it to make it a public server. First of all is the mode of the game play, would it be survival, creative, adventure or spectator. Then they have to set the difficulty, except for creative mode, which is the numbers from 0 to 3, peaceful, easy, normal and hard. You also have to set the number of players that you would allow to play within your world and also the if you will allow the players to fight with each other or if the game is PVE or player versus environment.

You will also find some servers with so many added features that it would really make your gaming experience fun. There are lists available online on top Minecraft servers that people are actually voting to be on top because they simply love the way it is designed for them to play. Most of these servers have mini games inside too; some would have effects that are just remarkable such as whenever you walk around you are also painting the floor.

Each server will have different themes that they wish to create, some looks like castles, some have dungeons, and there are also bridges and huge lakes and landscape while some have floating constructions that you have to be mindful of unless you want to fall.

Most of them have the animals going around too but of course, don’t forget about the zombies, skeletons and creepers too. If you are in a game where in you are against other team players, then I guess you have different types of enemies to watch out for.

If creating your own private server is what you want to have, maybe you want exclusive gaming with family and friends, you might want to enable your white list to make sure that only the people you gave access to or you have selected will be the ones who will be able to connect. People not on your white list will not be able to join your server.

3 Ways to Play Minecraft for Free


Minecraft is a game that will surely test your creativity and imagination. It is also a great way to teach children about critical thinking and other educational skills. The price for playing it, however, may be a bit steep for some players. Still, there are various ways for players to play Minecraft online, and some methods will also allow you to play the full version for free. For those who would like to enjoy the great and exciting gameplay of Minecraft, here are some ways to play this awesome game without having to pay anything at all.

Flash Games

You can search for sites that host Minecraft via Adobe Flash. You only need to download the latest version of Flash in order to play this game, and it provides the genuine Minecraft gaming experience to those who would like to get a feel of what the game is about. A lot of features may not be available, such as changing your skin, as most of these versions are simply just ports of outdated versions of the game. Still, it is still a genuine experience for those who would not like to spend money in order to play Minecraft. There’s not much to complain about, maybe except that you would need a strong Internet connection in order to play it.

Games Like Minecraft

There are also other games that share the concept and mechanics of Minecraft, and most of them are available for download at no cost as well. Some are able to copy the game precisely, albeit with a few differences here and there, and they are also able to improve on some parts of the gameplay by introducing new objects within the game. Of course, some functions such as the ability to share content with other players may not be present, but still, this is a great experience for those who would like to play Minecraft, or a Minecraft clone to be exact, alone without having to pay for it.


Some versions of Minecraft available may require players to share servers and worlds with other gamers, so you might see that your game has changed if you left it for some time. An example of this is Minecraft classic, which you can try for free on the official site. Just be sure to download Java and update it to the latest version. Still, playing from your browser online is the easiest way to play if you do not want to spend too much time on it and if you don’t mind having your game erased from time to time. Fortunately, there are some sites that allow you to save your progress, so it would be good to search for these ones if you would like to play the game seriously.



Ubisoft’s Optimism for Wii U

Ubisoft has been a major source of turmoil for many Wii U owners recently, they have delayed Rayman Legends to a release late this year, which many Wii U owners were looking to playing sooner rather than later, nevertheless, Ubisoft has shown increadible support for the Wii U system, with both Assassin’s Creed 4 and Watch Dogs announced for the system.

In an interview with Edge Online, Executive Director at Ubisoft, Alain Corre spoke about how he feels Nintendo should proceed with into the future with the Wii U and his own personal thoughts on a price cut for the console.

Also being aside from wanting a price cut for the Wii U console, Corre has re iterated that very early support for the system has been beneficial for Ubisoft in the long run.

Now despite fans being upset that Ubisoft have delayed Rayman Legends, no one out there can deny that Ubisoft has been a pretty damn strong supporter of the Wii U console thus far, with launch titles such as ZombiU and Assassin’s Creed 3, Ubisoft continues to bring its titles to the console, we’ll likely see more positive reactions from French Publisher.

In other news, we are not getting a brand new Zelda game this year of course, but you all know by now that Wind Waker HD is coming to the Wii U as a gift to the loyal Zelda fanbase, we here at Sky Sanctuary are very excited to see the game in full HD with updated visuals, but the folks over at Cubed3 wanted to know how Win Waker will play on the Wii U console before we manage to get our mitts on the game.

Below this news article is a mockup video showing what Nintendo might possibly do with the game and what fans can probably expect.

Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided

My son absolutely loves Star Wars, and I found an old game I used to play from the franchise. I picked it up, installed it, and started playing. It brought back a lot of memories; that’s for sure.

Man, I am actually scared to write this review. I am shaking in my boots, and sweating like a madman while my pupils are dilated to psychotic levels. I can hear the voices whisper in my head, “Star Wars Galaxies sucks! It’s boring! Whatever man it sucks! Mother F*cker! It’s too casual! It’s too hardcore! It’s not EverQuest! It’s just like EQ with wookies! F*ck you! I’ll kill you!”

As you can see, I’m perturbed for good reason. Anybody in their right mind wouldn’t touch this subject with a ten foot pole. Too many people have taken up some sort of personal vendetta for, or against this game. No matter what I say, I’m going to need a flame retardant suit, because I can feel my skin crisp and burn already.

Nevertheless, as I am a champion for the people! A champion for MMOG players (Massive Multiplayer Online Games in case you don’t know) everywhere! I’ll forge ahead and give my opinion! Hell yeah, what’s a few flames, what’s a kick in the nuts by an angry passerby who reads my review and vehemently disagrees. It’s all part and parcel of the job baby!

Watch Your Back – Malware Not Just After Your Credit Card!

A warning from Dave Weinstein of Microsoft points out the fact that your personal identity is much more than just bank accounts. The online gaming market has grown so quickly in recent years, and with that has come a growing RMT market as well (estimated at over $800 million). This makes our gaming accounts another prime target for making real cash.

Imagine your horror as you log in one day, and all your high-level equipment and cash is gone. You petition and nobody can tell anything happened except you traded all your stuff to a random character. We’ve all heard stories about estranged ‘exes or scams with a similar result – but what if all your login information was simply harvested from spyware on your machine?

Its becoming just as important to secure your gaming experience the same way you might secure your online banking. Make sure you’re running at least an AV scanner, if not a specialized Spyware scanner like Webroot Spy Sweeper – the new version includes advanced keylogger detection.

The article linked actually focuses on warning game developers about the danger. While that is important, I know many game developers already secure their protocols and software from cheating, and that goes a long way to securing it against theft as well. I think it’s still important that there is security outside of the application itself – because they can help secure websites, and protect against keyloggers and other information gatherers.

With so much money to be made in modern gaming, its no wonder MMOGs are being targeted.