Last Dynasty

Last Dynasty isn't the best new game to come along in a while. It's more like two of the best.

Start by parking yourself in its first-person, full-view, real-time combat simulator. The completely customizable cockpit, with continuous on-line help, locks on and destroys typical space fight games. The information overload as you plan an attack, while your radar and windshield fills with enemy ships, is truly stomach-churning. Then comes an even cooler part: You can grab a momentary breath during all this chaos by switching into strategy mode, where you can map out and execute your next attack from a mega-choice of battle strategies.

Carrying the action game forward are spectacular interactive cinema clips, haunting original music, and enough mind- racking tension to have you sweating an arsenal worth of bullets.

While the action side of this equation beats most pure space arcade CDs at their own game, Lost Dynasty shines again in the fully-rendered, high res scenes in the adventure portion of the game. This mind-puzzler takes place aboard a multi-level space station. From a first-person angle you explore, look for clues, remove a few ruthless strangers, and keep your nerve endings on alert-mode in wait for a surprise attack.

Consider Lost Dynasty as an excellent, addictive, warp speed, mysterious, challenging, over-stim'd value.


If yogi can't make up your mind between the action overload of a space fight, or the brain tease of an adventure game, Last Dynasty gives you both.