3 Ways to Play Minecraft for Free

Minecraft is a game that will surely test your creativity and imagination. It is also a great way to teach children about critical thinking and other educational skills. The price for playing it, however, may be a bit steep for some players. Still, there are various ways for players to play Minecraft online, and some methods will also allow you to play the full version for free. For those who would like to enjoy the great and exciting gameplay of Minecraft, here are some ways to play this awesome game without having to pay anything at all.

Flash Games

You can search for sites that host Minecraft via Adobe Flash. You only need to download the latest version of Flash in order to play this game, and it provides the genuine Minecraft gaming experience to those who would like to get a feel of what the game is about. A lot of features may not be available, such as changing your skin, as most of these versions are simply just ports of outdated versions of the game. Still, it is still a genuine experience for those who would not like to spend money in order to play Minecraft. There’s not much to complain about, maybe except that you would need a strong Internet connection in order to play it.

Games Like Minecraft

There are also other games that share the concept and mechanics of Minecraft, and most of them are available for download at no cost as well. Some are able to copy the game precisely, albeit with a few differences here and there, and they are also able to improve on some parts of the gameplay by introducing new objects within the game. Of course, some functions such as the ability to share content with other players may not be present, but still, this is a great experience for those who would like to play Minecraft, or a Minecraft clone to be exact, alone without having to pay for it.


Some versions of Minecraft available may require players to share servers and worlds with other gamers, so you might see that your game has changed if you left it for some time. An example of this is Minecraft classic, which you can try for free on the official site. Just be sure to download Java and update it to the latest version. Still, playing from your browser online is the easiest way to play if you do not want to spend too much time on it and if you don’t mind having your game erased from time to time. Fortunately, there are some sites that allow you to save your progress, so it would be good to search for these ones if you would like to play the game seriously.