Watch Your Back – Malware Not Just After Your Credit Card!

A warning from Dave Weinstein of Microsoft points out the fact that your personal identity is much more than just bank accounts. The online gaming market has grown so quickly in recent years, and with that has come a growing RMT market as well (estimated at over $800 million). This makes our gaming accounts another prime target for making real cash.

Imagine your horror as you log in one day, and all your high-level equipment and cash is gone. You petition and nobody can tell anything happened except you traded all your stuff to a random character. We’ve all heard stories about estranged ‘exes or scams with a similar result – but what if all your login information was simply harvested from spyware on your machine?

Its becoming just as important to secure your gaming experience the same way you might secure your online banking. Make sure you’re running at least an AV scanner, if not a specialized Spyware scanner like Webroot Spy Sweeper – the new version includes advanced keylogger detection.

The article linked actually focuses on warning game developers about the danger. While that is important, I know many game developers already secure their protocols and software from cheating, and that goes a long way to securing it against theft as well. I think it’s still important that there is security outside of the application itself – because they can help secure websites, and protect against keyloggers and other information gatherers.

With so much money to be made in modern gaming, its no wonder MMOGs are being targeted.