Why Not Play Minecraft Online?

While it doesn’t happen all the time that you get bored with Minecraft gaming, of building your own world or maybe fighting the monsters at night, you might find it very interesting to join some Minecraft multiplayer servers. These servers are multiplayer gaming experience where in you get to play with other people who are logged in on the same IP address.

Most of the time, these servers are created by users who started to build their empires on a creative mode. In this game mode, the player doesn’t have to worry about anything about their hunger, lives, health and even the monsters that spawns at night, all they have to worry is how to design their world and that’s it.

They make their own Minecraft servers where in they only allow people they know that could help them build the place. It might actually take some time depending on how big it’s going to be. There are also a lot of things that they have to decide on before they can actually launch it to make it a public server. First of all is the mode of the game play, would it be survival, creative, adventure or spectator. Then they have to set the difficulty, except for creative mode, which is the numbers from 0 to 3, peaceful, easy, normal and hard. You also have to set the number of players that you would allow to play within your world and also the if you will allow the players to fight with each other or if the game is PVE or player versus environment.

You will also find some servers with so many added features that it would really make your gaming experience fun. There are lists available online on top Minecraft servers that people are actually voting to be on top because they simply love the way it is designed for them to play. Most of these servers have mini games inside too; some would have effects that are just remarkable such as whenever you walk around you are also painting the floor.

Each server will have different themes that they wish to create, some looks like castles, some have dungeons, and there are also bridges and huge lakes and landscape while some have floating constructions that you have to be mindful of unless you want to fall.

Most of them have the animals going around too but of course, don’t forget about the zombies, skeletons and creepers too. If you are in a game where in you are against other team players, then I guess you have different types of enemies to watch out for.

If creating your own private server is what you want to have, maybe you want exclusive gaming with family and friends, you might want to enable your white list to make sure that only the people you gave access to or you have selected will be the ones who will be able to connect. People not on your white list will not be able to join your server.